Fit Synonyms and Antonyms

To cause to be ready, as for use, consumption, or a special purpose
To be compatible or in correspondence
To be suitable in size and shape
  1. be comfortable
  2. be becoming
  3. dovetail
  4. suit
  5. become
  6. conform to the body
  7. hang
  8. go
  9. drape
  10. give support
  11. permit free movement
To be in keeping with
A sudden attack of disease
  1. attack
  2. paroxysm
  3. seizure
  4. convulsion
  5. spell
  6. access
  7. spasm
  8. throes
  9. epileptic attack
  10. epilepsy
  11. stroke
  12. apoplectic attack
  13. apoplexy
  14. attack of Saint Vitus' dance or chorea
  15. burst
  16. episode
  17. crisis
  18. bout
  19. ictus
  20. the jumps
  21. staggers
Suited to one's end or purpose
Satisfying certain requirements, as for selection
An angry outburst
To make suitable; adapt:
  1. adapt

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