Sentence Examples

  • Eddie's playing is the complete package of tasteful phrasing, an innovative two-handed tapping technique, swinging rhythm playing and an unmistakable sound, all delivered with a passion and joy that only the true greats possess.
  • Whether they choose a simple program adorned with a cross or a more elaborate style with several Bible quotes on love and marriage, there are many ways to combine tasteful elegance, spirituality, and romance for a truly blessed wedding day.
  • Like all Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, the photographs of Serena in her designer swim wear are tasteful and inviting, prompting male viewers' admiration and making women ask "Where can I get that bathing suit?"
  • Whether you want to incorporate your Asian ancestry, want to infuse the myths symbolized by this plant in your wedding, or just want a tasteful elegant favor for your reception, a bamboo plant may fit the bill.
  • He paused, as if searching for a tasteful word.