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Another word for rich

  1. Possessing a large amount of money, land, or other material possessions

  2. Characterized by extravagant, ostentatious magnificence

  3. Characterized by great productivity

  4. Not readily digested because of richness

  5. Full of color

  6. Extremely funny

Another word for rich

  1. Possessed of wealth

  2. Sumptuous

  3. Fertile

  4. Abounding in butter, cream, sugar, spices, etc.

  5. Laughable

  6. Full; said of sounds or voices

  7. Vivid; said of colors


Synonym Study

  • Well-to-do implies sufficient prosperity for easy living
  • Opulent suggests the possession of great wealth as displayed in luxurious or ostentatious living an opulent mansion
  • Affluent suggests a continuing increase of riches and a high standard of living an affluent suburb
  • Wealthy adds to this connotation of grand living, influence in the community, a tradition of richness, etc.
  • Rich is the general word for one who has more money, possessions, or income-producing property than is necessary to satisfy normal needs