Sentence Examples

  • Her writing was filled with rich, creative metaphors; she described teachers as fire-breathing dragons, the books on the shelves as vibrant butterflies and the other students as slime-trailing snails.
  • The widespread belief in the robustness of the rule of law in Britain certainly reflects our reputation as a vibrant multicultural democracy.
  • In fact, during the first couple of seasons of the original series, the budgeting and focus was on creating vibrant and insightful stories that spoke to enduring ideas about what it is to be human and humane instead of on monsters and gore.
  • Nicole Kidman: Though perhaps the sweetest dress of the night, Kidman's Chanel couture gown drew slight criticism for its airy, almost frothy pink hue, which blended right into her fair skin and seemed to clash with her vibrant red hair.
  • If you're headed out for the evening and want to emulate a Cher-like lip from the '80s, try a vibrant violet-berry lipstick, similar to what the star would often wear with her famous leather jackets, sheer dresses and killer stilettos.