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YourDictionary’s thesaurus tool offers authoritative content from Webster’s New World Roget’s A-Z Thesaurus and Roget’s II. YourDictionary’s online thesaurus gives writers what they really need. We provide countless synonyms, with the broadest and most useful range of comparisons and related terms and ideas. YourDictionary’s thesaurus also includes synonym discussion paragraphs and clearly distinguished example lists.
YourDictionary provides synonym lists, but that’s not all. We also show dictionary definitions of all of the words in our word lists. So, if you have a tricky word, we have you covered. And if you need even more resources, YourDictionary can also show you how the word is used in a sentence, or in a common idiom.
YourDictionary provides thousands of synonyms so your writing can be as clear and concise as you would like it to be. If you are having trouble expressing your thoughts and ideas, or you simply need to improve your writing, use our thesaurus tool to browse a plethora of synonyms and related words.
Our thesaurus can help you when you get in a rut while writing, or if you get stuck on a certain word. Use our synonyms to inspire you and to help fuel your creativity. Whether you are using writing as a creative outlet, or writing to inform others, YourDictionary’s thesaurus can help. Our synonym lists can provide you with the help that you need in order to create work that will impress your teachers, colleagues, and associates.
If you are in a rut and need some inspiration, simply type in your original word into our search bar and click the magnifying glass. A list of synonyms and words with similar meanings will be presented. You can browse and decide which word will work best with your work.
If you need to see the definition of a word, simply click “def” to the right of the word. Every word on the list of synonyms will include this option. You also have the option to click on any of the words in the word list. Doing this will bring you to a new page with synonyms, related words, and idioms for this new word.
Improve your writing and express your thoughts accurately with the help of our online thesaurus. Find synonyms in the English language that will advance your writing. YourDictionary’s thesaurus will help make your writing more interesting to read. There is no need to create work that is full of repetitive words and phrases, or work that is just plain boring to read. With our thesaurus, you will be able to find words with the same meaning in order to better your work, and please your readers.
YourDictionary’s thesaurus is an easy-to-use online resource with a variety of different words. We’re not just a dictionary providing you definitions to show you the meaning of words, we will help you to enhance your writing by providing you with synonyms and related terms.

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