Sentence Examples

  • If you just want something simple that will let your baby participate in an Easter egg hunt with ease and can take dirt and grass stains, try B Swanky.
  • Whether you're going to the hottest nightclub, dinner at a swanky restaurant, bowling or an intimate house party, embrace 80s fashion in a big way.
  • If you've always dreamed of a flawless airbrushed finish to your skin, check out Luminess Airbrush makeup to help you look picture perfect, whether you're simply running errands or attending a swanky soiree.
  • Gene Simmons' reality show, aptly named Gene Simmons Family Jewels, documents the adventures of the KISS rocker as he makes his mark on swanky Beverly Hills.
  • One of the best creams you can use to prevent wrinkles, believe it or not, isn't a cream that will cost you a fortune from a swanky cosmetics counter.