Sentence Examples

  • With all of these elements competing for attention, one might expect the Manor to be an over-the-top, ostentatious bag - but it's really quite the opposite, since only a few of these details are incorporated in a Manor bag at one time.
  • Before the Kaiser's achieved worldwide success, the boys were prominent figures of the Leeds indie scene, and were the original hosts of Pigs, the city's monthly ostentatious electro-punk night at the Hi-Fi club in the city centre.
  • Because Katie Holmes has a petite figure with slender hands, the ring has been described as ostentatious and too big for her narrow fingers (brides typically select rings with shapes to complement their hand shapes and sizes).
  • His ostentatious hatred of the revolutionary parties marked him out as the natural object for these accusations.
  • His life of ostentatious austerity, and the courage with which he met his death, had caused all his faults to be forgotten.