Sentence Examples

  • Clear diction, not a "posh voice", was what was wanted.
  • Dress items that are constructed of poor quality and equally poorly embellished can be fun and cute on the fickle frame of a growing infant, but the truly amazing merchandise comes complete with similarly posh price tags.
  • Viewers not only get the opportunity to peek into some of the most posh homes with the most spectacular views, but they also get to listen in as the agents broker these deals and interact with other agents.
  • Whether you are wheeling your rolling duffle bag through airport security, or standing in the lobby of a posh hotel waiting to check in; your luggage speaks for you before you even say a word.
  • Given away as part of the posh gift bags at the MTV Music Awards, and seen on some of the most alluring faces in the entertainment industry, the Fendi eyewear line is exclusive and enchanting.