Sentence Examples

  • And when you try and mouth some cheeky line about renting a summer house at the Hamptons, the boss' daughter will just look you and your obsolete handbag over and remind you, "Isn't that like so ten billion seasons ago?"
  • A great alternative to traditional lingerie teddies or peignoirs is a good set of cheeky styled shorts that will not only display your feminine attributes to the hilt, but also feel very sporty and playful.
  • Cheeky Goddess: Aptly named, this cami is a free flowing one, so you won't have to worry about it squeezing you too tight, and it's sheer around the midriff allowing a bit of your stomach to peek through.
  • "Cheeky" cut - Cut similar to a boy short, this type of tanga underwear is referred to as a "cheeky" style of underwear because it is cut high in the back, exposing the bottom of your butt cheeks.
  • Cheeky: Simply entitled Cheeky this camisole differs from its Goddess counterpart in that it is slightly see-through around the bust area (as opposed to the stomach area).