Sentence Examples

  • While your breasts shouldn't revert back to the perky teen years in appearance, they should be about halfway between your underarms and your elbows when you're standing up straight with your shoulders back.
  • The song's perky male voice details a long list of childhood misdemeanors, from pulling hair to ripping clothes to tattling on others, and because "somebody snitched on (him)" he won't be getting any gifts.
  • Your breasts will look especially perky no matter what you wear in this retro-styled bra that's available in colors white, black, electric lilac, neon blue, gold and the suggestively named red devil.
  • While fans of the stage and screen remember Sandy Duncan for her perky spirit and unforgettable roles, many are probably wondering, "What is Sandy Duncan doing today?"
  • You may have never considered wearing boy shorts, but a gallery could show you just how fun and flirty they can be (and how perky they can make your bottom look!).