Sentence Examples

  • In its heyday this shampoo's marketing campaign claimed to stop men dead in their tracks as a young woman with a shining, bouncy mane flounced past them on the sidewalk.
  • Whether your favorite celebrity is currently sporting a wispy style, an extremely short cut or a head full of bouncy curls, you'll want to make sure that the style will suit your hair.
  • While a standard woven basket will serve just fine, a wire ball basket will offer plenty of storage for books, laundry, bouncy balls or toy room organization.
  • Whether the music is fast or slow, romantic or just bouncy, dancing to it provides a quick mental pick me up that relieves stress and releases endorphins.
  • What you want is hair that is silky and smooth from the crown to the neck with some light waves, which gradually fall into bouncy, romantic curls.