Sentence Examples

  • This is a pleaser in the mouth with springy grapefruit and lime flavors augmented with soft grass and flint, which turns with downward embellishment of round buttery texture, with just the right nuance.
  • Retains Loft - Because wool fibers are naturally kinked and springy, you can compress wool for an extended period and it will spring back, recovering 95 percent of its original loft naturally.
  • Latex is first formed as a liquid and then cooled to create softer, less springy boxsprings or even as mattress toppers to add a different feel to your current mattress.
  • With the springy spiral shape and bright patterns, these little creations are quite interesting to watch as they twist and flow in the breeze.
  • It also makes them more "springy" in that they get more efficient at rapid contraction, as in the case of jumping or tossing something, for example.