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Another word for pliable

  1. Capable of being shaped, bent, or drawn out, as by hammering or pressure

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  3. Capable of adapting or being adapted

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Synonym Study

  • at a malleable age
  • Malleable is used of that which can be hammered, beaten, or pressed into various forms and figuratively suggests a readiness to be trained, changed, molded, etc. copper is malleable as well as ductile
  • Ductile applies to that which can be finely drawn or stretched out, as copper, and figuratively suggests being easily led
  • Plastic is used of substances, such as plaster or clay, that can be molded into various forms which are retained upon hardening, and figuratively suggests an impressionable quality
  • Pliable and pliant both imply a capability of being easily bent, suggesting the suppleness of a wooden switch and, figuratively, a yielding nature or adaptability