Easy Synonyms and Antonyms

Providing no difficulty
  1. facile
  2. effortless
  3. simple
  4. smooth
  5. gentle
  6. soft
  7. obvious
  8. apparent
  9. clear
  10. uncomplicated
  11. elementary
  12. yielding
  13. easily done
  14. not burdensome
  15. requiring no effort
  16. presenting few difficulties
  17. manageable
  18. accessible
  19. wieldy
  20. straightforward
  21. foolproof
  22. slight
  23. mere
  24. light
  25. undemanding
  26. nothing-to-it
  27. plain-sailing
  28. simple as ABC
  29. easy-as-pie
  30. like-taking-candy-from-a-baby
  31. like shooting fish in a rain barrel
  32. a piece of cake
  33. cushy
  34. mickey-mouse
  35. snap
  36. loose-moraled
Requiring little effort or exertion
  1. light
  2. moderate
Marked by facility, especially of expression
Affording pleasurable ease
Enjoying steady good fortune or financial security
Easily imposed on or tricked
Marked by an absence of conventional restraint in sexual behavior; sexually unrestrained
With ease (`easy' is sometimes used informally for `easily')
In a relaxed manner; or without hardship; (`soft' is nonstandard)
  1. soft

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