Leisurely Synonyms and Antonyms

lēzhər-lē, lĕzhər-
Careful and slow in acting, moving, or deciding
Enjoying leisure
  1. lax
  2. slow
  3. free
  1. formally
  2. hectically
  3. hurriedly
Acting, proceeding, or done without haste; unhurried.
  1. slow
In a manner suggestive of leisure
  1. slowly
  2. unhurriedly
  3. lazily
  4. deliberately
  5. laggardly
  6. dilatorily
  7. with delay
  8. calmly
  9. composedly
  10. lingeringly
  11. tardily
  12. inactively
  13. taking one's time
  14. gradually
  15. languidly
  16. langorously
  17. sluggishly
  18. lethargically
  19. indolently
  20. listlessly

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