Rise Synonyms and Antonyms

To get up after sleeping, lying, sitting, etc.
To be built
  1. uprise
  2. stand
  3. be erected
  4. arise
  5. be placed
  6. be located
  7. get up
  8. be put up
  9. go up
  10. rise-up
  11. resurrect
  12. ascend
  13. be founded
  14. have foundation
  15. be situated
  16. upspring
  17. move-up
To improve one's station
  1. fall
To swell; said usually of dough or batter
To refuse allegiance to and oppose by force a government or ruling authority.
  1. rebel
  2. Also used with up: mutiny
  3. heighten
  4. revolt
  5. arise
  6. rise-up
The act of rising or moving upward
  1. fall
  2. decline
  3. drop
An upward slope
A progression upward in rank
  1. ascensive
  2. assurgent
  3. meteoric
  4. resurgent

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