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Another word for hill

  1. A natural land elevation

      1. Superiority in rank, position, character, achievement, etc.; greatness; celebrity
      2. A high or lofty place, thing, etc., as a hill
      3. A rise of ground; a hill.
      1. (Astron.) Any of the luminous clouds of solar gas arching from the chromosphere into the much hotter corona: best seen at the edge of the sun, as during an eclipse
      2. (Astronomy) A tonguelike cloud of luminous gas rising from the sun's surface, visible as part of the corona during a total solar eclipse.
      3. Something prominent, especially an area of land raised above its surroundings.
      1. Occasion or opportunity:
      2. (Informal) An angry or irritated reaction:
      3. An origin, beginning, or source:
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  2. A group of things gathered haphazardly

      1. The act or process of gathering into a mass.
      2. State of being collected in a mass; a mass; cluster.
      3. A confused or jumbled mass:
      1. A place of safekeeping or storage:
      2. A supply or stock for future or emergency use:
      3. A piled-up mass, as of snow or clouds; a heap:
      1. The type of bright, billowy cloud with a dark, flat base, that develops vertically through all cloud levels and consists mostly of water droplets
      2. A pile, mound, or heap.
      3. A heap; mass; pile
      1. The deviation of a ship, airplane, rocket, etc. from its path, caused by side currents or winds
      2. Something moving along in a current of air or water:
      3. A bank or pile, as of sand or snow, heaped up by currents of air or water.
      1. (Informal) A great number or amount
      2. A pile, mass, or mound of things jumbled together
      3. A group of things placed or thrown, one on top of the other:
      1. A musical setting of certain parts of the Mass, especially the Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei.
      2. A unified body of matter with no specific shape:
      3. A lump or aggregate of coherent material:
      1. An amount of food, as for a meal, course, or dish:
      2. A disorderly or confused collection or mass of things; jumble; hodgepodge
      3. Something that is disorderly or dirty, as a accumulation or heap:
      1. A group of things collected in a mass or heap:
      2. A natural elevation, such as a small hill.
      3. A heap or bank of earth, sand, etc. built over a grave, in a fortification, etc.
      1. A large heap:
      2. A natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass, generally steep sides, and a height greater than that of a hill.
      3. A huge quantity:
      1. A mass of things heaped together; heap
      2. A soft, velvety, raised surface on a rug, fabric, etc., produced by making yarn loops on the body of the material and, often, shearing them
      3. A long, heavy timber or beam driven into the ground, sometimes under water, to support a bridge, dock, etc.
      1. A sudden economic disturbance, such as a rise in the price of a commodity.
      2. (Commerce, dated) A lot consisting of sixty pieces; a term applied in some Baltic ports to loose goods.
      3. An extreme stimulation of the nerves, muscles, etc. accompanying the passage of electric current through the body
      1. The part of a computer memory used to store data temporarily: retrieval of data from it is in reverse order to its storage
      2. A number of arms, esp. three rifles, leaning against one another on end so as to form a pyramid
      3. An English measure of coal or cut wood, equal to 108 cubic feet (3.06 cubic meters).
      1. A confused heap
      2. An act of tumbling; a fall.
      3. A confused or disordered collection or amount of something:
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  1. To put into a disordered pile

      1. To be in charge of the bank, as in some gambling games
      2. To deposit (money) in a bank
      3. To operate a bank.
      1. To be carried along by or as by a current
      2. To be carried along by currents of air or water:
      3. To pile up in banks or heaps:
      1. To give or supply in large amounts; load
      2. To fill (a plate, dry measure, etc.) full or to overflowing
      3. To put or throw in a pile:
      1. To treat or deal with in a mass, or include in one group
      2. To put together in a single group without discrimination.
      3. To move heavily and laboriously
      1. To heap into a raised mass:
      2. (Archaic) To enclose or fortify with a mound
      3. To heap up in a mound
      1. To place or lay in a pile or heap:
      2. To move in a mass; crowd
      3. To move in, out, or forward in a disorderly mass or group:
      1. To pile or arrange in a stack
      2. (--- Games) To prearrange the order of (a deck of cards) so as to increase the chance of winning.
      3. To assign (aircraft) to various altitudes for circling while awaiting a turn to land
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Another word for hill

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