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Another word for pitch

  1. To send through the air with a motion of the hand or arm

      1. To let fall; drop:
      2. To give birth to prematurely:
      3. To calculate astrologically:
      1. To throw, shoot, or send out suddenly and fast
      2. To cast (a look or the eyes) suddenly and rapidly in a direction.
      3. (--- Archaic) To throw or cast (a dart or missile).
      1. To drink hastily. Often used with down :
      2. To throw, knock, or thrust
      3. To throw so as to break; smash
      1. To move suddenly and violently; rush; dash
      2. To throw (oneself) energetically (into a task)
      3. To throw, esp. with force or violence; hurl; cast
      1. To push (at a capstan to turn it)
      2. (Naut.) To raise, haul, pull, move, etc. by pulling with a rope or cable
      3. To throw
      1. To cause to move with great force or violence:
      2. To move with force or violence; rush
      3. To cast down; overthrow
      1. To move with or as if with great speed:
      1. To cause (a newly built vessel) to slide from the land into the water; set afloat
      2. (Nautical) To put (a boat) into the water in readiness for use.
      3. To throw oneself (into) with vigor; rush; plunge
      1. To send forth (a missile or projectile); discharge or fire (a bullet, arrow, etc.)
      2. To discharge or fire (a gun, bow, charge of explosive, etc.)
      3. To cast (an anchor, fish net, etc.)
      1. To throw or fling, esp. sideways with a jerk
      2. To move suddenly or draw back, as if startled or afraid:
      3. To move suddenly as when startled; jump; start; recoil
      1. To throw (stones, etc.) with a sling
      2. To throw or fling:
      3. To throw, cast, fling, or hurl
      1. To cause to fall on or over something; cast:
      2. To direct, cast, turn, project, etc.
      3. To cast off; shed
      1. To throw in or bandy (ideas, remarks, etc.)
      2. To throw or propel to the ground:
      3. To throw or pitch about; fling here and there; buffet
      1. To bake or dry by heating, as in a kiln:
      2. To become ignited; flame up:
      3. (--- Informal) To throw or propel with force and speed:
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  2. To raise upright

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  3. To come to the ground suddenly and involuntarily

  4. To lean suddenly, unsteadily, and erratically from the vertical axis

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  5. To move vigorously from side to side or up and down

      1. (Naut.) To raise, haul, pull, move, etc. by pulling with a rope or cable
      2. (Geology) To displace or move (a vein, lode, or stratum, for example).
      3. To raise or lift, especially with great effort or force:
      1. In mezzotint engraving, to roughen (a metal plate) with a rocker or roulette.
      2. (Music) To play or dance to rock music.
      3. To excite or cause strong feeling in, as by playing rock music.
      1. To utter with full, flowing sound
      2. To cause to begin moving or operating:
      3. To envelop or enfold in a covering:
      1. To flip coins with:
      2. To toss a coin with (someone) for deciding something according to which side will land uppermost
      3. To throw or propel to the ground:
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  6. To slope downward

      1. To bend, turn, or slope downward or aside
      2. To degrade or lower oneself; stoop:
      3. To draw to a gradual close:
      1. To pass from an earlier to a later time, from greater to less, from general to particular, etc.
      2. To come down (from a source, as from an ancestor)
      3. To move from a higher to a lower place; come down or go down
      1. To lower or drop (something) suddenly:
      2. To plunge into a liquid and quickly come out
      3. To lower a container, the hand, etc. into liquid, a receptacle, etc., esp. in order to take something out
      1. To fall; come down
      2. To cause to fall, as by wounding, killing, or hitting
      3. To fall in drops
      1. (--- Theology) To lose primordial innocence and happiness. Used of humanity as a result of the Fall.
      2. To pass into a particular state, condition, or situation:
      3. To come forth as if by falling; issue:
      1. To fall or drop to a lower level, especially to go down slowly or in stages:
      2. To fall or lower oneself slowly, as from weakness or fatigue:
      3. To cause or allow to fall or go down; lower
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  7. To make known vigorously the positive features of (a product)

      1. To provide public information about (a product, service etc.) in order to attract public awareness and increase sales. [from 19th c.]
      2. To tell about or praise (a product, service, etc.) publicly, as through newspapers, handbills, radio, television, etc., so as to make people want to buy it
      3. To call the public's attention to things for sale or rent, help wanted, etc., as by printed or broadcast notices; sponsor advertisements
      1. To sensationalise or make grand claims.
      2. (Informal) To advertise or promote by sensational methods
      1. To shed tears, especially as a result of strong emotion such as grief, sorrow, pain, or joy.
      2. To bring into a specified condition by crying
      3. (Archaic) To beg for; implore:
      1. To make understandable to the general public
      2. To cause to be liked by many people
      3. To present in a widely understandable or acceptable form:
      1. To raise or advance to a higher position or rank
      2. (Slang) To acquire (something) by devious or cunning means
      3. To help bring about or further the growth or establishment of
      1. To give publicity to or draw public attention to:
      1. (Idiomatic, intransitive) To talk louder.
      2. (Intransitive) To speak in a plain and candid way.
      3. (Idiomatic) To talk about (something or someone) to make it seem as good as possible or to draw positive attention to it.
      1. To connect with something so as to become attached, to close an electric circuit, etc.
      2. (Informal) To move or work doggedly and persistently:
      3. To stop up or fill (a hole, gap, etc.) by inserting a plug
      1. To move by being pushed
      2. To advocate or recommend something insistently:
      3. To urge or promote the use, sale, success, etc. of
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  1. An act of throwing

      1. A throw of dice.
      2. Something formed by this means or in a mold or matrix:
      3. Sort; type:
      1. A brief time of unrestrained pleasures or dissipation
      2. (Informal) A usually brief attempt or effort:
      3. (Informal) A trial effort; try
      1. An upward displacement of soil, rocks, etc., usually caused by frost or moisture
      2. An act of hurling; a throw, especially when considered in terms of distance:
      3. A throw
      1. (Nautical) The boat of the largest size and/or of most importance belonging to a ship of war, and often called the "captain's boat" or "captain's launch".
      2. (Nautical) An open boat of any size powered by steam, naphtha, electricity, or the like. (Compare Spanish lancha.)
      3. The movement of a vessel from land into the water; especially, the sliding on ways from the stocks on which it is built. (Compare: to splash a ship.)
      1. (Informal) A try or attempt
      2. An act of shying; start, as of a horse
      3. A quick throw; a fling.
      1. A primitive instrument for throwing stones, etc., consisting of a piece of leather tied to cords that are whirled by hand for releasing the missile
      2. A looped or hanging band, strap, etc. used in raising and lowering a heavy object or for carrying, supporting, or steadying something
      3. The act of throwing with or as with a sling; cast; throw; fling
      1. (Sports) The act of throwing or a technique used to throw an opponent in wrestling or the martial arts.
      2. The action of a person who throws; a cast
      3. (Games) A roll or cast of dice.
      1. The act of tossing something:
      2. A flipping of a coin to decide an issue:
      3. A tossing or being tossed; a throw, fling, pitch, etc.
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  2. A sudden involuntary drop to the ground

      1. A plunge into water, especially done headfirst and in a way established for athletic competition.
      2. (Football) A play in which a running back carries the ball while plunging directly into the line a short distance away
      3. An exaggerated fall, especially by a hockey player, intended to draw a penalty against an opponent.
      1. A marked, often sudden, decline in status, rank, or importance:
      2. A reduction in value, amount, or degree:
      3. Something that has fallen:
      1. A very steep dive of an aircraft.
      2. Any sudden, sharp drop, as in profits
      3. A swift, steep downward plunge of an airplane, with the nose toward the earth
      1. A dive or downward leap
      2. (Informal) A heavy, rash investment or speculation
      3. The act or an instance of plunging:
      1. A splinter, thin roll of paper, etc., set on fire and used to light a pipe, candle, etc.
      2. A small peg or rod, especially one used as a plug; a spile.
      3. A fall, as from a horse.
      1. A decrease, as in value:
      2. An act of tumbling; a fall.
      3. A fall or decline
      1. (Carpentry) A wooden beam, as in flooring, placed between two long beams with the ends of short beams resting against it
      2. (Soccer) A shot or pass made by hitting the ball with the head
      3. (Informal) A headlong dive or fall.
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  3. A downward slope or distance

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  4. Exceptionally great concentration, power, or force, especially in activity

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  5. A systematic effort or part of this effort to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

      1. A public notice.
      2. A public notice or announcement, usually paid for, as of things for sale, needs, etc.
      3. (Marketing) A commercial solicitation designed to sell some commodity, service or similar.
      1. Loud, exaggerated, or sensational advertising or propaganda
      2. A halfbeak (Hemiramphus brasiliensis) of the western Atlantic Ocean, often used as bait for saltwater fishing.
      3. Sensational or clamorous advertising or publicity.
      1. A gradual increase in amount, power, influence, etc.; expansion
      2. The act or process of amassing or increasing:
      3. The result of building up:
      1. Advertising; publicity.
      2. The act of promoting someone to a higher job, grade, or rank, or the fact of being so promoted.
      3. Support or encouragement of the progress, growth, or acceptance of something; furtherance:
      1. Advertising or other activity designed to rouse public interest in something.
      2. The work or business of preparing and disseminating such material
      3. Public interest, notice, or notoriety generated or gained by disseminating information through various media:
      1. An act of puffing.
      2. Exaggerated praise, especially when used in publicity.
      3. Exaggerated praise, as in advertising
      1. A spark plug.
      2. An electrical connector, as with projecting prongs, designed to be fitted into an outlet, etc., thus making contact or closing a circuit
      3. (Informal) A favorable public mention of a commercial product, business, or performance, especially when broadcast.
      1. An advertising or promotional ploy:
      2. Exaggerated or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotional material:
      3. Extravagant or excessive promotion
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Another word for pitch

  1. Slope

  2. A throw

  3. Musical frequency

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  4. A viscous liquid

      1. Any of numerous clear to translucent yellow or brown, solid or semisolid, viscous substances of plant origin, such as copal, rosin, and amber, used principally in lacquers, varnishes, inks, adhesives, plastics, and pharmaceuticals. Resins are usually insoluble in water.
      1. A mixture of gum and resin, given off by certain trees and plants
      2. Any of various plant exudates that are mixtures of gum and resin.
      3. A mixture of gum and resin secreted by a plant.
      1. The hard, brittle resin, light-yellow to almost black in color, remaining after oil of turpentine has been distilled from crude turpentine or obtained from chemically treated pine stumps: it is used in making varnish, inks, soaps, insulation, etc., and is rubbed on violin bows to prevent slipping on the strings, or on the hands to prevent slipping on gymnastic equipment, etc.
      2. (Organic chemistry) A solid form of resin, obtained from liquid resin by vaporizing its volatile components.
      3. Resin
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  1. To throw

      1. To cause to move with great force or violence:
      2. To move with force or violence; rush
      3. To throw something with force.
      1. To put abruptly or violently
      2. To move (one's arms, legs, head, etc.) suddenly or impulsively
      3. To move suddenly and violently; rush; dash
      1. To disqualify or eject:
      2. To get rid of; throw away; discard
      3. To move or go impatiently, angrily, or disdainfully, as with a toss of the head
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  2. To fall forward

      1. To extend far down in a revealing way
      2. To move forward and downward violently:
      3. To thrust or throw forcefully into a substance or place:
      1. (Photoengraving) To turn (a film negative) face down before exposure to a metal plate, in order to create a desired mirror image
      2. In certain poker games, to have attained (a hand) as a result of the first three community cards that are dealt face up at the same time:
      3. With a flop
      1. To build in the form of a vault
      2. To jump, leap, or spring, as over a barrier or from one position to another, esp. with the help of the hands supported on the barrier, etc., or with the aid of a long pole
      3. To vault over
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  3. To slope abruptly

      1. To cause to rise, as birds from cover or a fish to the surface of the water
      2. To puff up or become larger; swell up:
      3. To cause to rise:
      1. To move downward to a lower level; be reduced:
      2. To pass into a particular state, condition, or situation:
      3. To come forth as if by falling; issue:
      1. To go back in time or line of ancestry
      2. To proceed from a lower to a higher level or degree, as in rank, pitch, etc.
      3. To go or move upward; rise:


    make a pitch for