Sentence Examples

  • With all the media hype about healthy fat, trans fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, it can be puzzling to understand which low fat foods are beneficial and which ones are best left untouched.
  • On one hand, I can tell you that while we are currently awaiting the hype of the next generation of consoles, it's refreshing to see an entertaining game be made with the actual gameplay as the main course, not smoke and mirror graphics.
  • Whether you believe the hype surrounding the toning shoes and you want to see if they work for you, or you just need a basic pair of walking shoes, there's enough variety in New Balance shoes to fit anyone's needs.
  • While there was less promotion involved in this release, there was a lot of hype generated when the track listing was revealed in an all-day MySpace event about a month prior to the actual release of the album.
  • One friend of this writer went to a video game expo and, denigrating the hype about the new Madden game, claimed to the EA personnel there that he could score on the brand-new product with his eyes closed.