Sentence Examples

  • Despite the spam and advertisement web sites, there are a number of places you can get free wallpapers for your cell phone that are not only legal but are also absolutely 100% free with no strings attached.
  • In addition, free information is an excellent marketing tool, so be prepared that there may be an advertisement for additional paid services or information along with some of the free information you receive.
  • Open a magazine, there's probably an advertisement for a credit card.It's hard to avoid the constant stream of messages that credit card companies send on a daily, hourly, and even minute-by-minute basis.
  • After the children's overalls were featured in a national advertisement, sales skyrocketed, and OshKosh expanded its line of children's clothing and eventually began manufacturing only children's products and accessories.
  • In 1955, however, Santa first appeared as a blip on radar screens when an advertisement for Sears Roebuck & Co. in Colorado Springs, Colorado, published a telephone number that children could call and speak to Santa.