Sentence Examples

  • Cruise ships have done a great deal to popularize towel origami, and for many people, a cruise is their first introduction to the art.
  • Motorola may have been the first company to popularize the cell phone, but Nokia quickly rose to become the biggest brand in the industry.
  • Helping popularize the trend of low cut jeans was the fact that celebrities, such as Janis Joplin and Twiggy lived in their hip huggers.
  • An instrument of higher interest, the stereoscope, which, though of much later date (1849-1850), may be mentioned here, since along with the kaleidoscope it did more than anything else to popularize his name, was not, as has often been asserted, the invention of Brewster.
  • His object was to popularize among his countrymen the astronomical theories of Descartes; and it may well be doubted if that philosopher ever ranked a more ingenious or successful expositor among his disciples.