Sentence Examples

  • Because there are such a multitude of factors involved in a person's tattoo, and because of the very nature and history of tattoos, it is impossible to generalize the meaning of a tattoo to an individual.
  • We may generalize these statements in the following theorem, which is an important deduction from a wider theorem due to G.
  • Descartes helped to generalize and establish the notion of the fundamental character of uniform motion in a straight line, but otherwise his speculations did not point in the direc tion of sound progress in dynamics; and the next substantial advance that was made in the principles of the subject was due to Huygens (1629-1695).
  • In Guatemala, as in other parts of Central America (q.v.), each of the three climatic zones, cold, temperate and hot (Berra fria, tierra templada, tierra caliente) has its special charac' eristics, and it is not easy to generalize about the climate of the country as a whole.
  • If f =ay, 4 = b' be any two binary forms, we generalize by forming the function (m-k)!