Sentence Examples

  • Because there are such a multitude of factors involved in a person's tattoo, and because of the very nature and history of tattoos, it is impossible to generalize the meaning of a tattoo to an individual.
  • We may generalize these statements in the following theorem, which is an important deduction from a wider theorem due to G.
  • Descartes helped to generalize and establish the notion of the fundamental character of uniform motion in a straight line, but otherwise his speculations did not point in the direc tion of sound progress in dynamics; and the next substantial advance that was made in the principles of the subject was due to Huygens (1629-1695).
  • If f =ay, 4 = b' be any two binary forms, we generalize by forming the function (m-k)!
  • It would hardly be safe to generalize from these observations; the effects may possibly be dependent upon the physical condition of the metals.