Sentence Examples

  • It is a curious paradox that this Rambo figure, this all-American hero, was the stereotype which these young revolutionaries had adopted.
  • In the same way that typical models should not sacrifice their health in order to fit the "waifish model" stereotype, larger models should exercise and eat well to maintain a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness.
  • Irish Drinking Songs - Not to perpetuate a stereotype, but it is a well known fact that the Irish like a wee drink or two, and there are so many Irish drinking songs that they may deserve to be recognized as a genre in their own right.
  • Another popular stereotype among lesbians themselves is the "U-Haul" effect between lovers - the idea that they meet, have a couple of dates, and the next thing that happens is a truck is rented so they can move in with each other.
  • The stereotype of the cowboy casanova has even made its way into internet slang, with the official definition coined by the Urban Dictionary, which has two definitions.