Sentence Examples

  • However secure they may be in their own masculinity, wearing something so wholly associated with women, particularly down to the name, creates confusion and discomfort.
  • This Breitling Avenger men's watch comes with automatic movement, an oceanic blue dial, sapphire crystal case, a date display, polished unidirectional bezel, and titanium case with double clasp bracelet adding to its masculinity.
  • "Trajectories of Gender Role Orientation in Adolescence and Early Adulthood: A Prospective Study of the Mental Health Effects of Masculinity and Femininity."
  • Men who play in rock bands flaunt their masculinity, even though many have long hair and some have been known to strut across stages in high-heeled shoes.
  • However, when a woman wears pinstripes, much of that masculinity transfers over, and imparts a strong, sexy, in-charge vibe that definitely gets noticed!