Sentence Examples

  • When you wear French satin knickers as they were originally intended -- with a matching bra, bustier, corset or camisole, combined with a garter belt and stockings -- you create a classic vision of femininity that never loses its appeal.
  • The inspiration which maintains Italian designs apart from others betrays a severity and a maturity quite absent in the playfulness or femininity of the French, and the casual sophistication of the Americans and Australians.
  • Along the same line of rebellion, some parents find that school uniforms restrict girls desire to express themselves and their femininity, thus promoting promiscuous behavior within the female student body.
  • Claiming the inspiration of femininity and elegance, Furla is also accentuated with "techno-artisan" elements which distinguish this line from other upscale designers such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton.
  • Bad fairies are some of the most versatile tattoos around, and they symbolize some of the things a lot of individuals appreciate - power, femininity, youth, beauty and a touch of naughtiness.