Sentence Examples

  • Anyway, if you think the whole Meghan McCain/Tila Tequila mash up is crazy, word is that Tila sought out McCain because she heard the daughter of super conservative, former presidential candidate John McCain looked up to her.
  • Album number six 13 came along in 1999, though by 2003's Think Tank, it was clear Blur had lost their musical identity, displaying a bizarre mish mash of genres that no longer appealed to the British public.
  • Halloween may be the perfect time to listen to Monster Mash song, but in reality, this fun novelty tune can get everyone singing along any time of year.
  • The menu features Colorado lamb shank, center-cut pork chop, New England baked cod, Tuscan chicken, marinated rib eye, and bangers and mash.
  • The menu includes 22-oz. king cut blackened ribeye, stuffed shrimp, shepherd's pie, corn beef and cabbage, and bangers and mash.