Sentence Examples

  • If your bruise worsens, begins to swell, does not fade or begin to fade within a week, occurs for no clear reason or occurs frequently for no explainable reason, you are advised to seek medical attention.
  • Of course, you can't wrap your kids in cotton and protect them from every bump and bruise, but you can purchase toys that are safe for them to use, and you should teach them how to use the toys properly.
  • In addition, if a bruise does not heal within a couple of weeks or if the injury or condition worsens, or if it's accompanied by severe pain, blurred vision, vomiting or dizziness, it's time to seek medical care.
  • While there are a few over the counter treatments for bruises, the best process for healing a bruise is to rest, relax, ice the area and play the waiting game while your body recovers from the unexpected blow.
  • If you suspect you're in for an injury of the black and blue variety, you can take comfort in knowing there are some steps you can take to possibly prevent or simply minimize the appearance of the bruise.