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Another word for beat

  1. *Tired

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  2. Unconventional

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Synonym Study

  • Maul implies the infliction of repeated heavy blows so as to bruise or lacerate: most of these terms are used loosely, esp. by journalists, in describing a decisive victory in a contest
  • Whip , often used as an equivalent of flog , specifically suggests lashing strokes or motions
  • Flog implies punishment by the infliction of repeated blows with a strap, whip, stick, etc.
  • Thrash , originally referring to the beating of grain with a flail, suggests similar broad, swinging strokes, as in striking a person repeatedly with a stick or whip
  • Pummel implies the beating of a person with the fists and suggests a continuous, indiscriminate rain of damaging blows
  • Pound suggests heavier, more effective blows than beat to pound with a hammer
  • Beat , the most general word in this comparison, conveys the basic idea of hitting or striking repeatedly, whether with the hands, a stick, or other instrument