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Another word for punish

  1. To subject (one) to a penalty for a wrong

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Another word for punish


Synonym Study

  • Chasten implies the infliction of tribulation in order to make obedient, meek, subdued, etc.""He chastens and hastens His will to make known'', a chastening experience
  • Castigate now implies punishment by severe public criticism or censure to castigate a corrupt official
  • Chastise may imply severe rebuke or, more usually, corporal punishment and connotes both retribution and correction
  • Correct suggests punishment for the purpose of overcoming faults to correct unruly pupils
  • Discipline suggests punishment that is intended to control or to establish habits of self-control to discipline a naughty child
  • Punish implies the infliction of some penalty on a wrongdoer and generally connotes retribution rather than correction to punish a murderer by hanging