Sentence Examples

  • This unfortunate man died under torture, which he bore with fortitude.
  • His face countenances the idea that Britain should not be willing to deport people to face torture or death.
  • Both Pratts were not very popular on the show because of their childish behavior, and became even less popular when Stephanie Pratt claimed NBC subjected Spencer and Heidi to torture, a claim which has been denied by NBC and Spencer.
  • If you are one of the people who dreads going to the gym because the treadmill seems more like a torture device than an exercise machine, explore the many other options for cardio/aerobic exercise that exist both inside and outside the gym.
  • If you are willing to look at the relationship from the perspective of how things really are verses how you would like them to be, I think you could answer of 'why would you want to torture trying to maintain a friendship?'