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Another word for affliction

  1. A state of physical or mental suffering

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  2. The condition of being sick

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  3. Something hard to bear physically or emotionally

      1. Great affliction, trial, or distress; suffering:
      2. An experience that tests one's endurance, patience, or faith.
      1. A proceeding in which opposing parties in a dispute present evidence and make arguments on the application of the law before a judge or jury:
      2. An instance of such a proceeding:
      3. The act or process of testing, trying, or putting to the proof:
      1. An upright post with a transverse piece near the top, on which condemned persons were executed in ancient times.
      2. The cross upon which Jesus was crucified.
      3. A crucifix.
      1. Something that is carried.
      2. Something that is emotionally difficult to bear.
      3. A source of great worry or stress; weight:
  4. A cause of suffering or harm

      1. Sorrow or grief; misery.
      2. Misfortune or wretchedness:
      3. A cause of sorrow or misery; a misfortune:
      1. A source of widespread dreadful affliction and devastation such as that caused by pestilence or war.
      2. A means of inflicting severe suffering, vengeance, or punishment.
      3. A small whip used to inflict punishment.
      1. A highly infectious, usually fatal, epidemic disease; a pestilence.
      2. A virulent, infectious disease that is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis (syn. Pasteurella pestis ) and is transmitted primarily by the bite of fleas from an infected rodent, especially a rat. In humans it occurs in bubonic form, marked by lymph node enlargement, and in pneumonic form, marked by infection of the lungs, and can progress to septicemia.
      3. A widespread affliction or calamity seen as divine retribution.
      1. Not healthy; sick:
      2. Not normal; unsound:
      3. Resulting in suffering; harmful or distressing:
      1. Morally bad or wrong; wicked:
      2. Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful:
      3. Characterized by or indicating future misfortune; ominous:
      1. An appeal or prayer for evil or misfortune to befall someone or something.
      2. Evil or misfortune that comes as if in response to such an appeal:
      3. A source or cause of evil; a scourge:
      1. A cause of harm, ruin, or death:
      2. A source of persistent annoyance or exasperation:
      3. Fatal injury or ruin:
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Another word for affliction


Synonym Study

  • Misfortune is applied to a circumstance or event involving adverse fortune or to the suffering or distress occasioned by it
  • Tribulation connotes severe affliction continuing over a long and trying period
  • Trial suggests suffering that tries one's endurance, but in a weaker sense refers to annoyance that tries one's patience
  • Affliction implies pain, suffering, or distress imposed by illness, loss, misfortune, etc.