Sentence Examples

  • Other Resources - If you need information on everything from traveling with your pet to where pets are welcome to pet bereavement to the companions in crisis program, just contact the Society for more information.
  • Following bereavement, whatever the circumstances, it is expected that mourners will go through a secondary period of grieving that in many cases involves a person spending much needed time alone to remember the person they have lost.
  • This section lists a lengthy catalog of organizations that may be of use, including those for missing persons, bereavement, domestic abuse, stillbirth, alcoholism, smoking, cancer and more.
  • The public was at first greatly mystified by the nature and object of this poem, which was not merely a chronicle of Tennyson's emotions under bereavement, nor even a statement of his philosophical and religious beliefs, but, as he long afterwards explained, a sort of Divina Commedia, ending with happiness in the marriage of his youngest sister, Cecilia Lushington.
  • And for bereavement to add "Come back and help!"