Sentence Examples

  • Her brutal affections left Damon bereft, Stefan on his guard and Caroline Forbes became a changed woman when Katherine smothered her in her sleep while she had the blood of Damon in her veins.
  • Patriarch John Abbott died, leaving his children bereft and at the mercy of his despicable last wife Gloria.
  • The pair share a history in Stars Hollow and whenever there is a falling out between Luke and Lorelai, Lorelai finds herself bereft because she can't go to the diner for a cup of coffee and banter with Luke.
  • She looked at the ground instead of Evelyn, feeling bereft once again.
  • Meanwhile, on his way thither to urge his plea in person, Abelard had broken down at the abbey of Cluny, and there, an utterly fallen man, with spirit of the humblest, and only not bereft of his intellectual force, he lingered but a few months before the approach of death.