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Another word for naked

  1. Not wearing any clothes

  2. Without the usual covering

      1. Having white fur or feathers on the head, as some animals and birds
      2. Bare; plain; unadorned
      3. Lacking treads:
      1. Lacking the usual or appropriate covering or clothing; naked:
      2. Having no addition, adornment, or qualification:
      3. Just sufficient; mere:
      1. (Law) Without consideration or other legal essential
      2. Permitting or featuring full exposure of the body:
      3. Completely unclothed or uncovered; naked; bare
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Another word for naked

  1. Nude

Synonym Study

  • Barren implies a lack of natural covering, esp. vegetation, and connotes destitution and fruitlessness barren lands
  • Bald suggests a lack of natural covering, as of hair on the head, and in extended use may suggest plainness or bluntness the bald facts
  • Bare , in this comparison, implies the absence of the conventional or appropriate covering bare legs, bare floors
  • Nude , which is somewhat euphemistic for naked , is commonly applied to the undraped human figure in art
  • In extended use, naked often connotes lack of concealment or embellishment naked ambition
  • Naked implies the absence of clothing, either entirely or from some part, and connotes a revealing of the body a naked bosom