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Another word for obvious

  1. Easily seen through due to a lack of subtlety

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Another word for obvious


Synonym Study

  • Plain implies such simplicity or lack of complexity as to be easily perceptible the plain facts are these
  • Clear implies that there is no confusion or obscurity to hinder understanding clear proof
  • Palpable applies esp. to that which can be perceived through some sense other than that of sight, most particularly touch palpable signs of fever, an almost palpable sense of dread
  • Manifest applies to that which is immediately, often intuitively, clear to the understanding
  • Evident and apparent apply to that which can be readily perceived or easily inferred, but evident implies the existence of external signs his evident disappointment and apparent suggests the use of deductive reasoning it's apparent he'll win
  • Obvious refers to that which is so noticeable or obtrusive that no one can fail to perceive it