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Another word for noticeable

  1. Readily seen, perceived, or understood

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  2. Capable of being noticed or apprehended mentally

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  3. Readily attracting notice

Another word for noticeable

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Synonym Study

  • Striking is used of something so out of the ordinary that it leaves a sharp impression on the mind a striking epigram
  • Conspicuous applies to that which is so obvious or manifest as to be immediately perceptible conspicuous gallantry
  • An outstanding person or thing stands out from others of its kind, usually because of superiority an outstanding sculptor
  • Prominent refers to that which literally or figuratively stands out from its background a prominent nose, a prominent author
  • Remarkable applies to that which is noticeable because it is unusual or exceptional remarkable beauty
  • Noticeable is applied to that which is readily noticed a noticeable coolness in his manner