Sentence Examples

  • It is important to realize that not all women have detectable amounts of hCG in their urine that early in their pregnancies and it may be necessary to wait a few days and take the test again.
  • Upon laboratory analysis, all three brands had gluten levels in excess of the limit proposed by the CSA, with values ranging from below detectable limits in two samples to 1807 ppm gluten.
  • Normally there is no change noted in physical status or behavior, and the drinking usually occurs only on weekends during social occasions with peers, making it the least detectable of the three.
  • When in hypovolemic shock, systolic blood pressure taken in the arm is low or not detectable, the arms and legs are cool, and the nail beds may have a bluish or purplish discoloration.
  • In the early 20th century, trainers gave race horses goldenseal in the hopes of masking the use of morphine and pain killers, but the narcotics were always detectable in urine tests.