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Another word for distinct

  1. Distinguished from others by nature or qualities

      1. Of diverse kinds:
      2. Unlike; different:
      3. Being more than one; several:
      1. Being of a number more than two or three but not many:
      2. Respectively different; various:
      3. Regarded as separate, especially with regard to tort liability or legal obligation, such that each individual involved is fully responsible for the liability or obligation.
      1. To set, force, or keep apart:
      2. To put space between; space apart or scatter:
      3. To form a border or barrier between (two areas or groups):
      1. Constituting a separate thing:
      2. Consisting of unconnected distinct parts:
      3. Defined for a finite or countable set of values; not continuous.
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  2. Readily seen, perceived, or understood

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  3. Without any doubt

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  4. Clearly defined; not ambiguous

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Another word for distinct

  1. Having sharp outlines

  2. Not connected with another

  3. Clearly heard