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Another word for young

  1. Being in an early period of growth or development

      1. Young; possessing youth; not yet old or mature
      2. Of, characteristic of, or suitable for youth
      3. Typical of or suggesting youth:
      1. Marked by immaturity; childish:
      2. Characteristic of, intended for, or appropriate for children or young people:
      3. Relating to or characteristic of a young animal that has not reached sexual maturity:
      1. Of or for infants or infancy
      2. Intended for infants or young children.
      3. Newly begun or formed:
      1. Not mature or ripe; not completely grown or developed
      2. Marked by or suggesting a lack of normal maturity:
      3. Not fully grown or developed:
      1. Beneficial to the environment or less harmful to the environment than others:
      2. Made with green or leafy vegetables:
      3. Not cured or tanned:
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  1. Young people collectively

      1. A young person, especially a young male in late adolescence.
      2. The period of life coming between childhood and maturity; adolescence
      3. An early period of development or existence:
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  2. The offspring, as of an animal or a bird, for example, that are the result of one breeding season

      1. The young borne at one time by a dog, cat, or other animal which normally bears several young at a delivery
      2. An absorbent granular or pelletized material used to cover the bottom of a receptacle (litter box) into which a domestic pet, esp. a cat, is trained to urinate and defecate
      3. Carelessly discarded refuse, such as wastepaper:
      1. A group of a particular breed or kind
      2. All the children in a family
      3. The young of certain animals, especially a group of young birds hatched at one time and cared for together.
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Another word for young

  1. In the early portion of life

Synonym Study

  • Adolescent applies to one in the period between puberty and maturity and especially suggests the awkwardness, emotional instability, etc. of this period adolescent yearnings
  • Puerile implies reference to adults who unbecomingly display the immature qualities of a child puerile petulance
  • Juvenile applies to that which relates to, is suited to, or is intended for young persons juvenile delinquency, behavior, books, etc.
  • Youthful applies to one who is, or appears to be, in the period between childhood and maturity or to that which is appropriate to such a person a youthful executive, youthful hopes
  • young blood
  • Young is the general word for one in an early period of life and variously connotes the vigor, strength, immaturity, etc. of this period a young child, man, etc.