Sentence Examples

  • The project is to rejuvenate an area once overgrown into an orchard increasing bio diversity and interest.
  • From mysterious Alcatraz Island to the romantic glow of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, a San Francisco Bay Cruise can rejuvenate and inspire you in ways not otherwise possible.
  • Using a foundation of high-fiber foods and water, the Colon Cleansing Diet claims to eliminate excess waste to help improve colon function and rejuvenate the entire body.
  • Send her a gift certificate for a massage, manicure and pedicure to help her rejuvenate her energy and make her remember she is just as important as the baby.
  • Dr. Hema says, "For the next three months, my Tip will focus on a breakthrough concept in cosmetic surgery, which is to rejuvenate your skin layer by layer.