Sentence Examples

  • Those with fickle personalities appreciate being able to revamp their blog interface with new templates and designs on a whim, while others enjoy the technology of being able to quickly transmit an update from their cell phone.
  • Whether soccer, basketball, baseball, or soccer is their sport of choice, they will want to revamp their room's image to coincide with their new hobby.
  • However, be sure to browse Stop Staring Clothing, which has plus sizes and can also do custom work, and Revamp Vintage, which makes clothes from the 1910s through the 1950s, allowing for a lot of fun variety.
  • With just over 14 million copies sold, this revamp of the original Super Mario Bros. follows the legacy of the original, except on a portable level and with new gameplay elements.
  • Site Revamp, on the other hand, not only boasts of being local to Minneapolis, but also has a list of clients that are also local to the area and who are pleased with their work.