Sentence Examples

  • The Parkside men in blue were noth­ing but a bunch of incompetent misfits who should all be fired, so continued the tirade.
  • Moylan, however, proved incompetent, and Mifflin resumed the office on the 1st of October.
  • But their kings were incompetent, their chiefs jealous and their tribes divided.
  • The drug is contra-indicated in all cases where the heart is already beating too slowly; in aortic incompetence - where the prolongation of diastole increases the amount of the blood that regurgitates through the incompetent valve; in chronic Bright's disease and in fatty degeneration of the heart - since nothing can cause fat to become contractile.
  • In 1617 the sultan died, and was succeeded by his brother Mustafa; but the latter being declared incompetent to reign, his brother Osman took his place on the throne.