Sentence Examples

  • Unqualified treaty-making authority.
  • In the smaller and remoter communities it not uncommonly happened that the minister was totally unqualified to undertake the work of preaching; and though, as is curiously shown by the case of Rome (Sozomen, Hist.
  • No one has maintained this unqualified version of the great doctrine of divine right.
  • It was assumed that the individual members of society, by express or implied pact, agree to obey some person or persons; sometimes it is described as an unqualified handing over; sometimes it is a transfer subject to qualifications, and with notice that in certain contingencies this will be withdrawn.
  • In his Presidential Message of December 1887 he attacked the protective system in unqualified terms; and in the session of 1887-88 the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives prepared a bill providing for great reductions.