Sentence Examples

  • It would be much nearer the truth to take both as types of a thoroughgoing rationalism.
  • At one with Johannes Muller in the conviction psychologus nemo nisi physiologus, he was the first in Great Britain during the 19th century to apply physiology in a thoroughgoing fashion to the elucidation of mental states.
  • While France was deeply affected during the 16th century by the Protestant revolt, its government never undertook any thoroughgoing reform of the Church.
  • It was these paradoxes that Kant sought to rebut by a more thoroughgoing criticism of the basis of knowledge the substance of which is summed up in his celebrated Refuta tion of Idealism,' wherein he sought to undermine Hume's scepticism by carrying it one step further and demonstrating that not only is all knowledge of self or object excluded, but the consciousness of any series of impressions and ideas is itself impossible except in relation to some external permanent and universally accepted world of objects.
  • In reality it stands for a more thoroughgoing and consistent application of the test of experience.