Sentence Examples

  • He probably thought she had unlimited funding.
  • For all practical purposes, we have an unlimited supply of air to breathe.
  • These works appear to have been erected by powerful sovereigns with unlimited command of labour, possibly with the object of giving employment to subjugated people, while feeding the vanity or pleasing the taste of the conqueror.
  • At Prague a demagogue, the priest John of Zelivo, for a time obtained almost unlimited authority over the lower classes of the townsmen; and at Tabor a communistic movement (that of the so-called Adamites) was sternly suppressed by Zizka.
  • (iii.) If there are n types, the number of individuals in each type being unlimited (or at any rate not less than r), the number (n H r) of distinguishable groups of r individuals out of the total stock is n[r].