Sentence Examples

  • The lack of funds which would have proved fatal to Spartan naval warfare was remedied by the intervention of Persia, which supplied large subsidies, and Spartan good fortune culminated in the possession at this time of an admiral of boundless vigour and considerable military ability, Lysander, to whom much of Sparta's success is attributable.
  • But Lysander's boundless influence and ambition, and the superhuman honours paid him, roused the jealousy of the kings and the ephors, and, on being accused by the Persian satrap Pharnabazus, he was recalled to Sparta.
  • The world reveals and makes visible the Boundless and the concealed of the concealed.
  • For Newton and his writings he had a boundless admiration; many of his papers, indeed, bear the cast of Newton's thought.
  • The modifications of which these are susceptible he reports to be " inexhaustible and truly infinite, extension alone affording a boundless field to the mathematicians."