Sentence Examples

  • On the 7th of June 1671, a ceremony by way of symbolizing the new autocrat's humble submission to the Almighty, the officiating bishop of Zealand delivered an oration in which he declared that the king was God's immediate creation, His vicegerent on earth, and that it was the bounden duty of all good subjects to serve and honour the celestial majesty as represented by the king's terrestrial majesty.
  • In fact, many were inclined to regard a journey to Jerusalem as the bounden duty of every monk - an exaggerated view which led to energetic protests, especially from Gregory of Nyssa, who composed a monograph on the pilgrimages (De its qui adeunt Hierosol.).
  • She informed Sadler that Arran had asked her whether Henry had made propositions of marriage to herself, and that she had stated that "if Henry should mind or offer her such an honour she must account herself much bounden."