Sentence Examples

  • Caring for a newborn is not an impossible feat, but you'll need to engender a firm commitment to the task and an illimitable supply of patience and love in preparation for your baby's arrival.
  • Thus the way was opened for new developments and for illimitable extension.
  • Nor is this eminence merely due to his great opportunity in 1870; for Guizot might under Louis Philippe have almost made himself a French Walpole, at least a French Palmerston, and Lamartine's opportunities after 1848 were, for a man of political genius, illimitable.
  • The attention devoted to the matter soon elucidated the phenomena of meteors, and proved them to be small planetary bodies, practically infinite in numbers and illimitable in the extent and variety of their orbits.
  • The greatest obstacle to such a search for the fundamental medium is the illimitable complexity of matter, as contrasted with the theoretical simplicity and uniformity of the physical agencies which connect together its different parts.