Sentence Examples

  • The land revenue was fixed in perpetuity with the zemindar in 17 93.
  • Such land was let either on five-year leases or in perpetuity to colon.
  • Iu 1791 the subsidy was changed to $6000, in perpetuity; for some years later this was raised to $10,000, and is still annually paid.
  • From the 13th century the towns had issued ("sold," as it was called)annuities, either for life or for perpetuity in ever-increasing number, until it was at last found impossible to raise the funds necessary to pay them.
  • 11, 1667) Poland received back The Truce from Muscovy Vitebsk, Polotsk and Polish Livonia, of Andrus- but ceded in perpetuity Smolensk, Syeversk, Cherni- sowo, 1667.