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Another word for perplexity

  1. A stunned or bewildered condition

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  2. Anything that arouses curiosity or perplexes because it is unexplained, inexplicable, or secret

      1. To pierce with numerous holes; perforate:
      2. To spread throughout:
      3. To put (gravel, for example) through a coarse sieve.
      1. A puzzling situation or problem; an enigma.
      2. (video games) A video game in which the player is presented with (usually abstract) puzzles to solve.
      3. One who solves puzzles as a hobby.
      1. Something, such as a game, toy, or problem, that requires ingenuity and often persistence in solving or assembling.
      2. Something that baffles or confuses; an enigma:
      3. The condition of being perplexed; bewilderment:
      1. One that is not fully understood or that baffles or eludes the understanding; an enigma:
      2. One whose identity is unknown and who arouses curiosity:
      3. A mysterious character or quality:
      1. One that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable.
      2. A perplexing speech or text; a riddle.
      1. A riddle in which a fanciful question is answered by a pun.
      2. A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma:
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Another word for perplexity

  1. Uncertainty based on doubt

  2. Difficulty causing uncertainty

      1. A serious situation or occurrence that happens unexpectedly and demands immediate action.
      2. A condition of urgent need for action or assistance:
      3. For use during emergencies:
      1. A crucial or decisive point or situation, especially a difficult or unstable situation involving an impending change.
      2. A sudden change in the course of a disease or fever, toward either improvement or deterioration.
      3. An emotionally stressful event or traumatic change in a person's life.
      1. The act of complicating.
      2. A confused or intricate relationship of parts.
      3. A factor, condition, or element that complicates.
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